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Shirin: Saaz te Awaaz

A mega Koshur Music Competition which was held from August 17th to 19th September. The event was organised by Delhi Public School Srinagar in collaboration with D P Dhar Memorial Trust & BIG 92.7 FM. The aim of the event was reviving the forgotten legacy of our rich heritage forged from a wide variety of folk musical traditions. The promotion of this legacy was especially important in our times where culture is facing rapid erosion in the face of cultural onslaught. The event will be a permanent feature of the school’s endeavours in the years to come. The event focused  primarily on identifying a talent pool that will be exposed to sustained and expert training over the next five years. The multi round event witnessed massive ground breaking participation at grass root level ranging from district level to the province of Kashmir. The grand finale of the event was one of the biggest of its kind in the valley of Kashmir attracting a crowd of more than 10,000. The grand finale was attended by Shri N N Vohra, Governor of J&K, Shri Haseeb Drabu, Finance & Culture Minister, J&K and other dignitaries.